This is how the Dream Exit method works

We are just a little bit different. With us, no lengthy conversations and drawn-out processes. We have a very clear goal: selling your company in the most effective way possible with maximum value. With our unique 4-Step Exit Program we work towards a real Dream Exit.

Step 1: Intake Assessment

The start of your adventure starts with a critical intake. Critical? Yes, because only then can we really help you.

Step 2: Business Review

What does it take to make sure your company is ready for an exit? Together with our team you make concrete plans for the future.

Step 3: Execution Phase

It gets even more fun at this stage. We actually prepare your company for the next growth phase or a Dream Exit.

Step 4: Exit Now

In this final step, we help you enter the market to raise capital or achieve a full exit.

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The Dream Exit Methodology

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Step 1: Intake Assessment

The Intake Assessment is intended to get a complete picture of your organization. You start with the NMB QuickScan© yourself. This tool forces you to think about your company and gives a first picture of where you stand. Not unimportant: the QuickScan also gives an impression of how you think about your company.

View here what the NMB QuickScan© entails.

When the NMB QuickScan© report has been received, you present your company, your services and/or products to us. This is immediately the starting point of the DeepScan©, which is carried out by us. We conduct more in-depth investigations into the state of your business.

Once the DeepScan© has been completed, we will have a clear picture of where you are now and what your ambitions are. Now it's our turn to give a presentation. We show what our initial vision of your company is.

This first step ends with a joint decision. Now that we both know where you stand with your company and what exactly you want, we decide in consultation whether we continue to the next step. Are you convinced that we can guide you to a Dream Exit? Are we also convinced of that? Is there sufficient commitment and trust on both sides? Only then do we proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Business Review

The results of the Intake Assessment (step 1) form the basis for the Business Review. In this second step, we elaborate the plans for the future on the basis of the NMB Framework©.

We have developed this guideline especially to be able to record your mission. We also describe the Exit Profile you will be working towards. It describes the ideal version of your company at the future moment when the exit takes place. And of course we make a pragmatic plan to grow towards that.

The NMB Framework© revolves around the Mission
The Mission is central to the NMB Framework©. The Mission must be known to everyone in your organization and must be watertight. In addition, the Mission must state exactly in a maximum of two sentences what you stand for and what you want to achieve.

It is of course no coincidence that the domains surrounding the Mission are the three pillars of the No Monkey Business methodology: Proposition, Go-to-Market and Delivery.


The Proposition, these are the products and/or services that contribute to the realization of your Mission. We sometimes see that the Proposition no longer corresponds to the Mission. A lack of focus is often a threat to growth and success.

Go to market

If your Proposition is in place and clear, we can get started with your Go-to-Market plan and strategy. This part is completely dependent on your Proposition. If this is not completely clear, the Go-to-Market approach becomes fragmented. This can cause you to waste a lot of money.


The last domain is Delivery. How is everything you promise in the Proposition and in all your marketing communications actually delivered, produced, delivered and implemented? Doing what you promise sounds simple, but is the essence of your company. Retaining customers and high customer satisfaction form the basis for further growth.

Step 3: Execution Phase

This third step is about doing what we have agreed upon. We actually prepare your company for the next growth phase or a Dream Exit. We have insight, we have a mission and we have projects. It's time to put together a project team. No Monkey Business takes charge of the projects.

We attach a realistic schedule to each project. We make clear how the projects are interconnected and dependent on each other. The projects are carried out by your organization, but followed up with us in regular sessions.

We are closely involved in the follow-up, the monitoring of the goals and the planning. If necessary or useful, we call in specialists from our “black belt” network to support you. The dedication of you and your team is indispensable to the success of your mission.

Our work is fully focused on value creation
Everything we do revolves around value creation. We make sure that we deliver the best version of your company on all domains.

This can differ per company, but can have an impact on strategy, systems, people, methodology, technology and much more. It depends on our analysis and the maturity level of your company before we came on board.

Step 4: Exit Now

In this final step, we help you enter the market to raise capital or achieve a full exit.

We have worked together towards this moment. There is a company in top form in all areas: the Mission is clear, with a nice Proposition, a clear Go-to-Market strategy and a solid Delivery methodology. You have beautiful and satisfied customers. You are ready for a Dream Exit.

There are a number of points that require attention at this stage. Fortunately, No Monkey Business has the necessary know-how and experience to carefully guide you through it.

We have a network of potential buyers, such as venture capital parties and strategic buyers. But we also take your list of buyers with us. We create a sense of urgency for all suitable candidates. Our approach in this phase maximizes value.

Because we have gone through the 4-Step Exit Program© together, everything is ready. A data room has been set up and we can make the requested data available at the touch of a button.

Being able to provide all the requested information quickly gives the buyer a lot of confidence, which is necessary for a successful transaction. After signing the necessary papers, we festively conclude this intensive, productive phase.

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We know the how.

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