Execution Phase

This third step is about doing what we have agreed upon. We actually prepare your company for the next growth phase or a Dream Exit. We have insight, we have a mission and we have projects. It's time to put together a project team. No Monkey Business takes charge of the projects.

We attach a realistic schedule to every project. We make it clear how the projects are interconnected and depend on each other. The projects are carried out by your organization, but followed up with us in regular sessions. We are closely involved in the follow-up, goal monitoring and planning. If necessary or useful, we call in specialists from our “black belt” network to support you. The dedication of you and your team is vital to the success of your mission.

Our work is fully focused on value creation

Everything we do is about value creation. We make sure we deliver the best version of your business across all domains. This can differ per company, but can have an impact on strategy, systems, people, methodology, technology and much more. It depends on our analysis and the maturity level of your company before we came on board.