ABC E Business, founded twenty years ago by Emile Peels, has grown into the #1 Microsoft Business Central partner in the Netherlands. Two years ago, Emile Peels contacted No Monkey Business with the request to help with a new growth phase for ABC.

ABC E Business has used the No Monkey Business 4-Step Exit Program, together with the management team of ABC we made a plan, and we started looking for the right party for ABC E Business in this phase of its existence.

Emile Peels, has resigned completely and transferred his company to Montes Invest, with the incumbent management also stepping in as shareholders. Together with Montes Invest, ABC E Business will continue its further growth.

'Together with Martijn van der Hoeden, we have been working on preparing ABC E Business for the next phase, thanks to this professional guidance and the network of No Monkey Business did we get in touch with Montes Invest and arrived at a deal that is perfect for all parties!'  

Emile Peels (Founder)

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