As an entrepreneur you are constantly on. Sometimes it's good to take a break. For this you can plan a holiday or sit on the heath.

But there are plenty of technicians who take in information daily or weekly at a fixed time. Ideal for fueling your business growth plans.

For example, by reading a good book. We have put together a top 10 book especially for entrepreneurs with a technical company. These books have provided us with valuable insights into the start-up and growth of our own businesses.

In no particular order, here are our ten tips, including two bonus books:

Book tips for tech entrepreneurs

Behind the Cloud by Marc Benioff

As Chairman & CEO of, Marc Benioff has had many ups & downs. In this honest book he shares his most important lessons. It gives you as a tech entrepreneur insight into how Salesforce has grown into a billion-dollar company.

A must-read for anyone working in the tech industry.

Tip: these 16 factors greatly influence business value [Infographic]

How Google Works by Eric Schmidt

In line with Behind the Cloud, in this case the founder of Google shares his story. Culture, talent, communication, strategy and innovation; they are all parts that are discussed.

Subtitled 'The Rules for Success in the Internet Age', this is a book that offers practical tools and gives an insight into the kitchen of one of the world's most successful companies.

De Sekt from Leusden by Daan Quakernaat and Alles is marketing by Truus Koppelaar

Successful tech companies have their marketing in order. The best proof of this in the Netherlands is AFAS, also known as the sect from Leusden.

This book provides insight into the culture and working method of AFAS. The second book is written by the former marketing director of the company.

She describes how AFAS has been able to grow so quickly. Two top books that reveal the background of this success story.

Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday

You often hear it: for tech companies, scale in terms of user numbers is more important than turnover. Scalability is therefore one of them key success factors in building a tech company.

Growth Hacker Marketing was invented to quickly reach many users. Do you want to know how companies like Hotmail, Dropbox and Ebay have grown to millions of users?

Read this book!

Persuade with neuromarketing and Writing for SEO from the Haystack series

These two books make it clear that a good content strategy is crucial for growth. Your website is an essential part of your marketing mix.

It is valuable for entrepreneurs to understand how this works. Precisely because as a tech entrepreneur you probably have other interests, you get these two tips. You can read them each within an hour.

The first provides insight into how people think. The second shows how to come up with good SEO texts.

Way of the Wolf by Jordan Belfort

Having a lot of valuable leads is one. Converting these leads into customers is of course two. Who better to tell you about that than the Wolf of Wall Street?

With his straight line sales method he shows how the sales process can be made predictable. This should be mandatory reading for your sales team. But the book also helps you as an entrepreneur to make even more effective sales.

Maybe a bit American, but with a Dutch sauce very valuable.

must read for tech entrepreneur

Hooked by Nir Eyal

Contracting new customers is great, but retaining customers is just as important. This book explains in great detail how you can build your software in such a way that your customers literally cannot do without it.

They are 'Hooked' as the writer illustrates. It makes sense for your programmers to read this book, but you can also benefit from it. As an entrepreneur, you often have a decisive role in the direction in which the software is further developed.

This book will help you choose the right direction.

One fan per day from Jos Burgers

Another book that talks about keeping customers. This book is not about technology, but about creating ambassadors. Joe Burgers As far as we are concerned, the Netherlands is the best author of marketing books and this book is also spot on.

In a simple way he explains how you can bind customers and turn them into fans. It reads wonderfully and certainly makes you think.

Customers the day after tomorrow by Steven van Belleghem

Steven van Belleghem travels all over the world to see how technical companies attract customers. AI, bots and automation are all covered.

The platform era in which we live is also extensively discussed. Discover what awaits you as a tech entrepreneur. We also advise you to Steven on YouTube; here he shares his latest lessons and experiences every week.

Scaling Up by Verne Harnish

We close the list with perhaps the entrepreneurial bible from our bookcase. Do you want to grow your tech company smartly? Then read this book! Based on the growth components People, Strategy, Execution and Cash, Harnish explains how you too can take the next step in your growth process. It is not for nothing that his growth formula has been adopted worldwide by many tech entrepreneurs.

That's it! Our 10 book tips at a glance.

Of course there are plenty of other books worth reading. The Lean Startup, Good to Great, Start with Why, Blitz Scaling or Eckart's Notes could have just got a spot. Nevertheless, we recommend that you start with this Top 10.

Did you finish that list? Mail or call us for more tips! 😊