Who to Jan Job immediately thinks of Baan Company, the software company that made a name for itself with the introduction of the ERP system in the 1990s and became world famous after closing the 20 million guilder deal with Boeing. The company beat competitors such as SAP, Oracle and Peopleshift with innovative technologies, conquered its place on the Amsterdam stock exchange and later even with the American Nasdaq. 

The 90s were his heyday: Jan Baan and his brother Paul converted millions, purely for the value they delivered: their ingenious solution. 'Vision? That's bullshit' explains Baan. According to him, it's about making mistakes and learning from them. Everyone dreams of success and making a lot of money, especially as soon as possible. "There are only a few who succeed." 

Job Company became worth millions in a short time. It became clear to Jan that they had a huge opportunity to conquer the world with their product, but at the time were too small to handle it. They accepted to work with the American venture capitalist General Atlantic Partners (GAP). 

In 2000 the software company was officially sold and Jan Baan started a new company after investing in dozens of other companies: Cordys. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, the company did not achieve the success that Baan expected. 

Jan Baan, top entrepreneur in heart and soul. The man who conquered the world in a short time and is an expert in the field of selling companies. What can we learn from him? Ronnie Overgoor of 7DTV talked to him in the Dream-Exits series.

Do you want to sell your tech company now? Be inspired by these 5 advice from Jan Baan

#1 Sales based on turnover: the best partner is your customer. Or you have to ensure that someone brings more than money, for example reputation or growth opportunities.'

What is your reason for wanting to make an exit? Why do you want your sell company? Is it from a financial point of view or do things like growth and reputation play a role? 

#2 'Be careful not to get an angel investor too soon and throw your entire company away. In the end you see that a lot of companies do have some growth, but are left with 50% market cap.' 

Your company is your 'baby'. Selling a business is an emotional process and the last thing you want is for an investor to have different intentions than you. They often have high expectations of their investment, such as rapid growth, increased turnover and profit within a few years. 

#3 'The biggest reproach I make to myself is that my dream in customer value has subconsciously turned into shareholder value.'

In other words: make sure your customer comes first. 

#4 'Delay, delay, delay. Only sell when you need it for your additional expansion.'

… Need we say more? 

#5 For those who want to sell now: save a little, eat a pizza, don't go to venture capital too quickly. They are kind of rats. Be careful, get yourself in the driver's seat.'

In other words: Don't get too excited if you want to sell your tech company. Once you're ready, make sure you stay in charge of the sales process. It's about your business, you decide where it goes. 

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