– Time for that infamous cup of coffee with No Monkey Business – 

Interesting article in the FD; the enthusiasm for company sales is high in SMEs. The article paints a recognizable picture and gives a number of striking quotes about the motivation to sell quickly, expectations that are too high and the fact that Dutch investors often pay less than foreign investors. 

The question of how to deal with this and how to properly prepare for an exit or connection to a larger platform for growth remains unanswered.

We see many companies that are afraid to miss the closing window of this economic boom. At the same time, we see that many companies have to process unnecessary discounts in a due diligence and that they are mainly judged on past results, including a risk margin. 

So that can be better. You can do your business well preparing for an exit. You can get a higher multiplier with a sharp focus, a solid one growth strategy and the results to prove it all.

Know how to? Time for that infamous cup of coffee with No Monkey Business.