Selling your company smartly requires one good preparation. In a recent interview with The entrepreneur Paul Vermaat tells about his entrepreneurial adventure and the road to company sales. His 7 tips:

  1. Don't polish your business numbers. The buying party will see through this anyway.
  2. Make a good growth plan for five years from now. When selling a company, the price is mainly based on potential.
  3. Stay realistic in your plans. Unrealistic plans lead to suspicion and will not benefit you selling price.
  4. Provide a good report.
  5. Find a partner with whom you can work together for a long time.
  6. Be transparent throughout the sales process. It's all about trust and there's no point in hiding things.
  7. Build an incredibly beautiful company!

Want to read more about Paul Vermaat's story and how you can sell your company smartly? Visit The entrepreneur for the full interview.

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