Grow your business smartly.

It is often not as simple as it sounds in practice.

Is your plan good enough? Is your software or product really ready? Have you thought out all the steps and scenarios sufficiently?

Are you making the right choices? Won't the competition finish you off? Many tech entrepreneurs lie awake with 1001 questions. Stop that!

Do you want your grow a tech company smartly? Then take Angry Birds as an example.

In this game it is about 6 basic rules that can help you a lot. Make these rules your own and let your whole team embrace them. You will find that it is as addictive as the game itself and that it brings many successes.

Grow business fast

The 6 Angry Birds Rules for Smart Growth

You probably know Angry Birds. Red, Chuck, Bomb and Terence are 4 of the many characters that will help you defeat all the Bad Piggies. The principle is simple: mean pigs have stolen your eggs. The only way to get it back is to defeat the piggies.

With a big slingshot you can fire angry birds at the mean pigs. That's the only way you can beat them.

Actually, you only have to follow 6 basic rules to reach the next level.

  • #1 target
  • #2 shooting
  • #3 missing
  • Adjust #4
  • #5 shooting
  • hit #6.

And this is exactly how you can grow your business quickly. The realistic scenario is that you will also have misses and sometimes miss several times. There are of course also positive scenarios. In that case, there are always opportunities to improve and adjust.

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Achieving business growth

Fail Fast. Learn Fast. Improve Fast.

Spotify has fully embraced the Angry Birds principle. I doubt whether they actually call their method the Angry Birds method, but the principle is the same.

Under the motto 'Fail Fast. Learn Fast. Improve Fast.' the entire engineering team is trained to learn from anything that doesn't go as hoped or planned. They've even made this premise part of their Engineering Code. They deliberately do not talk about mistakes, but about lessons. Just look how well the 6 rules of Angry Birds fit in here: 

Aim = think briefly

At every step in your entrepreneurial journey, it is good to think about the actions to be taken. Whether you are a growth strategy or want to develop a marketing strategy or enter a new industry, make a plan and determine the risks and the frameworks.

If it costs a lot of money to carry out something, see how you can limit the risks and costs. But don't linger too long in thinking, doubting and asking around. Quickly move on to step 2. Only then will you find out if it really works. 

shoot = do

It's time for action. launch you Minimal Viable Product (MVP), sales plan or marketing campaign. Monitor progress against smart milestones or targets. Is your action a bull's eye? Awesome! Go to step 6 and celebrate your success. Is your action not a success? Then you come directly to step 3 of the Angry Birds game.

Company growing fast

miss = learn

Missing feels like a setback for many people. You have come up with something and it turns out to be different. Don't worry, because you will receive a valuable learning moment.

Do not confuse 'missing' with 'making mistakes'. Someone who doesn't think or breaks rules willfully makes mistakes. In all other cases you have shown guts and created a learning moment. Now it gets fun: step 4.

Adjust = evaluate and adapt

However your action scores, it is always good to look for areas for improvement. Evaluate the results of your action. What went well and what could be better? A tip is to have everyone involved give a report grade.

If someone gives a five, it probably won't take much effort to pick up suggestions for improvement. If someone gives an eight or nine, it is interesting to ask: 'What does it take to make that a nine or ten?' That way you get people thinking and you get valuable input for the follow-up.

Business Growth Strategy

shoot = do

Don't throw an idea overboard too quickly. Is your SEA campaign not successful or does your target group not immediately embrace your new product? Don't put it in a drawer within two weeks. Get started with the improvements from step 4 and shoot your target one more time.

You might miss one more time. That's just how it goes, just like in Angry Birds. Sometimes you complete a level in one go, other times you have to start over a few times. As long as you keep learning, evaluating and adapting, that's no problem.

Short-cycle with limited risk and costs! Keep adjusting and shooting until you reach the last level.

Have goals with your company

Touching = celebrating success and creating learning moments

Nothing is more beautiful than celebrating successes. Do that lavishly. Do it alone or with the whole team, but don't forget this step. He is very important. After all, you or you succeeded and you are ready for the next level.

Just like in the game you have to start all over again and the game gets harder with each level. A big advantage is that over time you have learned so much that you can also handle these more difficult levels as an entrepreneur.

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New steps, start small

Are you going to get started with new ideas or steps? Then it is wise to start small. Thinking big is beautiful and will take you far as an entrepreneur. And of course you can use an all-in strategy and immediately launch your idea in a big way.

In that case, if you're successful, you're probably all set. But in the event of adversity, you're broke. Paul Carroll and Chunka Mui describe in their book 'The New Killer Apps' how big companies can out-innovate the startups of this world.

Their motto is 'Think Big, Start Small, Learn Fast'. You can only spend your money once. Don't hesitate and go do it. Take the risk that suits you. Lots of fun!

A small credit for Jacco van der Kooij van Winning by Design. He has been the inspiration for this blog about how to grow your business.

Credits for the images: Angry Birds