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To invest? Take over tech company? Maybe our Buyers List is something for you.

No Monkey Business guides and helps tech companies in the Netherlands to the next phase. We do this through us 4-Step Exit Program. During this program, we take a critical look at the Proposition, the Go-to-Market Strategy and the Delivery Model together with a company.

Our goal is to make the business model scalable for the next growth phase. We can do that in various ways. For example, by looking for an investor or raising venture capital / private equity. Or by joining forces with a strategic party.

Knowledge is power in this competitive market. It is therefore essential that you know which high-quality tech companies are ready for the next growth step. 

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Benefits of the Buyers List

As a Tech Buyer on our Buyers List, you benefit in several ways:

  • Receive our teaser letter before we go to market.
  • Receive the full information memorandum after signing our NDA.
  • Only receive offers that fit your strategy.
  • Receive invitations to unique events.
  • We hold an online intake interview, so that we have an even better understanding of which acquisitions are right for you at the moment. 
  • We have contact twice a year to keep your profile up-to-date.
  • If the right match is on our Buyers List, we don't even go to market.
  • All companies that No Monkey Business accompanies go through it 4-Step Exit Program. As a result, the financial and technical DD require minimal effort.