No Monkey Business helps Tech companies and their owners with their ambition to achieve a full exit or sell a partial interest and grow to the next phase. In the section below, a sampling of these entrepreneurs and Tech companies.


ABC E Business, founded twenty years ago by Emile Peels has grown into the #1 Microsoft Business Central partner of the Netherlands. Two years ago, Emile Peels contacted No Monkey Business with the request to help with a new growth phase for ABC.


Ronald Beer and Bas van der Horst, founders of Appronto a leading low-code party, were looking for a strategic partnership and/or investment to strengthen their market position and grow even faster.

Business Forensics

Business Forensics is a software company in the FinTech sector. The shareholders both had different personal ambitions. Tames Rietdijk wanted to continue and grow (see interview), while Robert Pabs actually wanted to stop and realize other dreams.


CubicEyes market leader in CRM and PIM (Property Information Management) software for the real estate market, joins OSRE and Aareon. We are proud to have been able to assist with this transaction.


EuropeTrack is a wonderful example of a SaaS company that does one thing, but very well, and has grown in recent years to become the specialist and market leader in this domain.


After years of construction, the shareholders were ready for a new step. The ambitions of the shareholders were also different. Herman Kui wanted to expand and internationalize in the next phase.

Herke ICT Group

Herke Dekker the entrepreneur behind the Herke ICT Group, Managed Service Provider, has expanded its business into market leader in construction with its own software platform based on the Microsoft stack: ConstructionVison.


In a world where every second counts in emergency response,... Moditech has put itself firmly on the map. This Dutch tech company, led by Jan and Angela Mooij, has developed an innovative software platform to support emergency services around the world.


Safe Harbor (now Inergy) is the information security & privacy specialist which offers total solutions to the public sector in the Netherlands. The goal: to guarantee the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information.


Web1on1 market leader in the automotive messaging market joins CitNow. We are proud to have been able to assist with this transaction.