Do the free ExitCalculator© and receive your Enterprise Value Report.

With the ExitCalculator we calculate your Enterprise value. This calculator is designed based on your financial performance and our unique No Monkey Business framework.

In preparation, we ask that you keep your financials handy, especially revenue and EBITDA for the past three years and projections for the next two years.

We only take real applications pending, so with a business email address and website.

*The exit calculator is designed only for Tech Companies, and calculates the expected enterprise value, debt and cash-free. The calculated enterprise value is based on historic financials and future projected performance, and on our No Monkey Business framework.

The calculated enterprise values in the report are an indication, No Monkey Business does not accept any liability.

The exit calculator is not designed for start-ups, companies with a negative EBITDA, and/or companies with less than 2M EUR/USD revenue.