An administrative office foundation (STAK) can be a good choice for your company for various reasons. Below you will find what a STAK is and what the advantages and disadvantages of a STAK are.

what is STAK

What is a trust office foundation? 

You set up a STAK to manage your shares. Normally (without STAK) it goes like this: when you issue shares, the shareholder not only gets the right to profit, but also the right to control (voting right). 

With a trust office foundation you can separate the voting right from the profit right. You get this separation through the certification of shares. You are the transferring shareholder. If your business is doing well, you can share the profits with you Staff members by issuing certificates. You can only have shares certified through a STAK.

Why should you choose a STAK? 

Immediately trust office foundation employees can share in the profits of your company, without also getting voting rights in the general meeting of shareholders. That way you keep control over your company and you can reward your employees. They share in the profits, but not in the ownership. 

With a STAK you can bind good employees to your organization. They feel valued when they get a share of the profits. 

Difference shares and certificates

The main difference between shares and depositary receipts is that with the latter the voting rights and profit rights can be separated from each other. This is not possible with shares.  

Another difference: shareholders can be found publicly in, among other things, Chamber of Commerce registers, certificate holders are not. If you are a certificate holder, your anonymity is guaranteed. You will only be included in the UBO register if you have more than 25% of the certificates. That is not public, by the way: only governments, financial institutions and the tax authorities can view the UBO register. 

Please note that certification of shares can lead to a higher assessment from the tax authorities. If you have a BV, you can also issue shares without voting rights. Then you don't have to set up STAK, which saves costs.