“Do more with less.”

It is always about the organization as a whole

Thanks to my unique knowledge and skills, as an interim CFO I am closely involved with prestigious companies and I represent the financial interests of various well-known Dutch entrepreneurs. As a consultant, CFO and entrepreneur, I have been fortunate to have seen a wide range of organizational issues in many different industries. This applies to both private equity and small and medium-sized organizations, including dynamic tech companies in the Brainport Region, such as ASML. 

Whether it concerns mergers, acquisitions or corporate financing; it always revolves around the organization as a whole. Everything has to be right for an optimal result. Think of a high-quality product/service, a strong vision and strategy, good people and HR policy, sound asset management (for example, protection of intellectual property) and a suitable fiscal and legal organizational structure.

Do More With Less

I get a kick out of working side by side with the owner(s)/CEO of a company to solve problems and to create and capitalize on opportunities. I believe in transparency, independence and integrity. I am therefore always open, clear and honest in my communication. My credo is: “do more with less”.

I am convinced that in addition to working on growth, there must also be a focus on the most efficient use of people and resources. The idea is that this will significantly increase not only turnover, but also profit. In this way, growth and efficiency are the catalyst for increasing the value of an organization. As a result, a dream exit comes into view faster!