ADAM Tower – May 7, 2019

Because of the great success and long waiting list last time, again this event now together with The Next Web!

When you start or are building a Tech Company, you are not thinking about your exit and that is very understandable. This, however, is a mistake, as you need to think ahead; building a tech company is great but what is your long-term strategy? Will you, for example, lead this company forever? And since nothing is forever(!), it's better to anticipate on this fact.

In our meetup session we will talk about:

  • Number and Figures of Deals done in SMB The Netherlands
  • Top 10 Ingredients for a Dream Exit (15-20 x EBIDTA)
  • Q&A

You will learn how you can maximize the value of your company, the do's and don'ts and how buyers will evaluate your company. I am looking forward to meet you and share my experience. I hope we can have a very interactive session. See you soon!