Due to great success, we have decided to repeat our Tech Dream Exit event on Thursday, February 6 in Bussum. This Event is especially for DGAs and Executives. Access to this event is by invitation only, or you can also submit a request to participate (at the bottom of this page).

Who is this Event for

This event is for owners, shareholders and executives of Tech companies who want to orientate themselves on the current takeover climate and want to investigate the possibilities to arrive at a Dream exit. Everything what will be discussed is confidential, this gives everyone the opportunity to share knowledge with each other in all openness.

Play the unique NMB Card Game

In our Workshop we play the unique together No Monkey Business card game. In this interactive session we learn from each other, the do's and don'ts, to prepare your company for a Dream Exit. And of course you like us Bring a card game to repeat this workshop with your Management Team.

Our program

Our program is very varied, in addition to a personal story of Martijn van der Hoeden, we will also present an analysis of the current acquisition climate and we will jointly discuss the Do Dream Exit Workshop & play the NMB Card Game.

  • 2.30 pm Walk-in
  • 15.00 Start and presentations
  • 15.15 The entrepreneurial journey by Paul van der Hulst
  • 15.45 Presentation of the NMB Framework
  • 16.00 Tech Takeover Climate and Market Overview
  • 4:25 PM Dream Exit Workshop
  • 17:15 Start Drinks
  • 18:00 Closing

So if you are looking to the experiences of other Tech entrepreneurs, want to know more about the Facts & Figures in the takeover market in the Tech industry and what you need to do to prepare your company for a Dream Exit, then you should not miss this event.

Didn't receive an invitation? Then submit a request to participate and we will contact you. Click the button below.