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Reading financial statements through the eyes of an investor

Hielke Lamsma, our financial expert is going to talk about the annual accounts, this one is determines the (first) impression that investors have receive from your company. The annual accounts provide financial insight and are often a reason for further investigation.

Consider questions such as: how profitable (profitable) is the organization? Is the company liquid (sufficient cash)? What about solvency (to what extent can the company pay its debts)? Depending on the financial situation of a company, there can be major differences between the enterprise value and the net sales proceeds to be received in the event of an Exit. Insight into and understanding of the financial balance sheet is indispensable for this. In this session we give you practical tips in an accessible way.

What marketing efforts can you make as a tech company to emerge stronger from the crisis?

Rene de Jong

Rene de Jong, sales marketing expert gives many tips on how to get started with your marketing activities right now.

An imaginary Safety Car, that is what we are all behind at the moment. In Formula 1, this super-fast car appears on the track when problems arise on the track. Only when the danger has passed can everyone continue the race at full throttle. This regularly offers many opportunities for those behind you. Thanks to the Safety Car it is possible to get closer to the vanguard and a 'new' start is created, so to speak.

The moment to overtake your competitor or at least stay close to the tail! This Safety Car situation also applies today. We are currently all following the speed prescribed to us and waiting for the moment when we can really get out of the starting blocks again. So now is the time to get closer to your predecessor and prevent the competition from overtaking you. How?

A well-thought-out marketing approach can help! By investing now, many tech companies can create a lot of value for the long term.

Building a Tech Company for a Dream Exit

Every last Tuesday of the month Martijn van der Hoeden host the webinar “Building a Tech Company for a Dream Exit”. If you have started or are expanding a Tech company, you obviously don't think about an exit and that is very understandable. But this is necessary, you have to think ahead

The impact of unforeseen circumstances is also discussed, such as COVID-19 at the moment. What is the impact on the Mergers & Acquisitions market and on the Tech Industry? Analysis of the market, figures and facts are discussed.

Innovation in times of Corona

Paul van der Hulst, share his experience, innovation is often the key to success! As a tech company you are used to rapid changes in technology. This is familiar territory. With the Corona crisis, we have also had to experience extremely rapid changes outside of technology. The crisis has also affected many companies and tested their agility. 

How can you make not only technically but also your entire company more robust, more flexible and more innovative?  

Innovation goes beyond just the product. It is about your proposition, your go-to-market and your distribution model. What is your added value, how necessary is your service and are you in the right place?