Webinar by Hielke Lamsma

Hielke Lamsma, our financial expert will talk about the annual accounts, which is determines the (first) impression that investors have receive from your company. The annual accounts provide financial insight and are often a reason for further investigation. 

Consider questions such as: how profitable (profitable) is the organization? Is the company liquid (sufficient cash)? What about solvency (to what extent can the company pay its debts)? Depending on the financial situation of a company, there can be major differences between the enterprise value and the net sales proceeds to be received in the event of an Exit. Insight into and understanding of the financial balance sheet is indispensable for this. In this session we give you practical tips in an accessible way.

About Hielke Lamsma

In a rapidly changing world, it is essential that organizations look ahead. The ability to anticipate opportunities and risks quickly and effectively is central to this. In addition to a solid financial basis, strategic and financial insight are indispensable for this. This is precisely the cutting edge where Hielke's specialization lies. Since 2001 he has been helping organizations and entrepreneurs with the most diverse issues in the field of strategy, finance and legal. First as an employee, but now as an entrepreneur.