Paul van der Hulst (Associate)

“The value of your company is much more than the sum of financial results”

After my studies in business administration and technical management, I have always worked at the intersection of business and technology, as an employee and as an entrepreneur. Twice I have sold a company; I know that process like no other. As an IT Strategy and Due Diligence specialist at Deloitte, I have also been involved in several acquisitions. The combination of entrepreneurship and work experience at a Big-4 has given me a broad knowledge and experience.

I would like to share all this. I want to help other entrepreneurs to create more value and to prepare their company in a good way for a dream exit. Based on NMB's proven approach, we look together at the underlying value of your company: the people, the collective knowledge and experience, the customers, the documented assets, the market position and the potential. The value of your company is much more than the sum of financial results.

Value and appreciation

In addition to the value, the sale of a company is mainly about valuation. What kind of buyer is best for the continuity of the company and for your people? Does this buyer understand what he is buying? Does he recognize and acknowledge its value? This may seem trivial, but it certainly isn't. The understanding of value beyond the consolidated figures must be made crystal clear to the potential buyer.

Open – Direct – Practical – Targeted

I want to challenge you to find a balance between operational management and securing value within the company. Supported by the philosophy, team and methodology of NMB, I bring a lot of operational experience in starting, scaling and structuring a company. I can challenge you both professionally and in the field of HR, finance, marketing & sales and strategy. I'd love to work with you towards one dream exit please.

The difference between price and value

People know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.” This striking statement (freely adapted from Oscar Wilde) applies to almost every sales process. That is what makes this dynamic process so interesting. I make sure that both the price and the value are completely clear and well substantiated.