The free NMB QuickScan©, a handy tool for self-analysis

The NMB QuickScan© is a handy tool that gives you quick insight into the current state of your company. In 25 questions we let you think about your organization. Do the NMB QuickScan© for free and without obligation. Realize that the NMB QuickScan© is not rocket science or miracle drink.

The tool draws your attention to a number of points that you can get started with, but that does not mean that your organization is rock solid.

You are forced by the NMB QuickScan© to think about your company. Where are you right now? What do you have in order and what could be improved?

The scan asks questions that you probably haven't thought about lately. Based on your answers, a report will be released from the NMB QuickScan©. You can see in which areas you are performing well and which can be improved.

❗The QuickScan is only for Tech companies designed with a Turnover of at least 2M euros
We only take real applications pending, so with a business email address and website.

Follow-up steps after the NMB QuickScan©

After completing the QuickScan, we will contact you to discuss the results. You will receive an email from us, in which you can schedule an online meeting with us.

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