Selling your business may be the most important deal of your life. One that you want to think carefully about and take the time for. Because only with a good exit strategy you sell your company for the maximum emotional and maximum financial value. But where do you start if you want to sell your company? We provide answers to frequently asked questions and a handle to prepare your company for sale. Map out your own route for company sales with our specially developed step-by-step plan. With our 4-Step Exit Program, the chance of a successful business sale is maximized. 

4-Step Exit Program©, optimal value creation when selling your company

We have developed a practical and effective program to assist entrepreneurs in the sale of their business. The 4-Step Exit Program© is aimed at creating the best version of your company, so that you are completely ready for a Dream Exit. Below you will find a description of the 4 phases and the most important points to take into account. 

  1. Intake Assessment
  2. Business Review
  3. Execution Phase
  4. Exit Now

Step 1: Intake Assessment

When you want to sell your company, you always start in the orientation phase. There is a lot to consider when it comes to business sales. Preparing and closing the sale is complex and takes time. It is therefore important to consider the reason(s) why you want to sell your company, what you want to achieve with the sale of your company and what the consequences are. To encourage you to think about these questions, we have developed the NMB QuickScan©. It gives you a good impression of how you feel about your company and forces you to think about personal and business goals and discuss them with others. This makes it an important first step of the Intake Assessment. 

When the NMB QuickScan© report has been received, you present your company, your services and/or your products to us. Now it's our turn to look at your business with our trained eye. In the DeepScan© we conduct more in-depth research into the state of your company. Once the DeepScan© has been completed, we will have a clear picture of where you are now and what your ambitions are. In a presentation we show you our initial vision of your company.

It is clear where you stand with your company and what exactly you want to achieve. This means that we are now faced with a joint decision as to whether we will proceed to the next step in consultation. Are you convinced that we can guide you to a Dream Exit? Are we also convinced of that? Is there sufficient commitment and trust on both sides? Only then do we proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Business Review

The word is out, we are going to sell your company together. Of course, this doesn't happen in one day. It is a long process that requires perseverance and a good strategy. . Through the intake assessment we know what you want to achieve, the next step is to draw up a plan how we are going to achieve this. We do this on the basis of the NMB Framework©. We have developed this guideline especially to be able to record your mission. This mission is surrounded by three pillars: proposition, go-to-market plan and strategy and delivery. In addition, we put ourselves in the perspective of the fictitious buyer. This way we can compose an Exit Profile. It describes the ideal version of your company at the future moment when the exit takes place. And of course we make a pragmatic plan to grow towards that. We work out clear projects for each domain that are necessary to make your company as attractive as possible for a buyer. This can differ per company, but can have an impact on strategy, systems, people, methodology, technology and much more. The NMB Framework© ensures that you stay on track and that you do not lose sight of your company sales goals.

Step 3: Execution Phase

We have insight, we have a mission and we have projects. Everything to strategically prepare the company for sale (and thus ensure a successful acquisition). Time to do what we agreed. Preparing your company for the next growth phase or a Dream Exit. This starts with putting together project teams. No Monkey Business takes charge of the projects. We are closely involved in the follow-up, the monitoring of the goals and the planning. In addition, where necessary, we call in our 'black belt' network specialists to support you. However, the projects are carried out by your organization and the dedication of you and your team is indispensable for the success of your mission. Together we create maximum value. 

Step 4: Exit Now

We have worked together towards this moment, the final step. There is a company in top form in all areas: the Mission is clear, with a nice Proposition, a clear Go-to-Market strategy and a solid Delivery methodology. You have beautiful and satisfied customers. You are ready for a Dream Exit. 

In this final phase, there are a number of points that require attention. Think of searching and finding a buyer for your company, negotiating the right price and closing the company sale. Fortunately, No Monkey Business has the necessary know-how and experience to carefully guide you through it.

When you sell your business, you naturally want to find the ideal buyer. We have a network of potential buyers, such as venture capital parties and strategic buyers. But we also take your list of buyers with us. We create a sense of urgency for all suitable candidates. Our approach in this phase maximizes value.

Because we have gone through the 4-Step Exit Program© together, everything is ready. A data room has been set up and we can make the requested data available at the touch of a button. Being able to provide all the requested information quickly gives the buyer a lot of confidence, which is necessary for a successful transaction. After signing the necessary papers, we festively conclude this intensive, productive phase.

Life after the sale of your business

For some entrepreneurs, it is not the entire sales period that makes a big difference, but the life after the sale of the company. When you have finally said goodbye, it is time to adjust your life rhythm. Make sure you are well prepared for this, because it is a big switch. Just as you have prepared your business for sale, you must also emotionally prepare yourself for sale. This means that you know how to organize your life after the business transfer, on a business, personal and financial level.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I sell my business?

It is not an easy choice for any entrepreneur to sell the business. Years of blood, sweat and tears often precede the sale. In some cases, sales are necessary, but often it is also a very nice step. Your company has run well and after the sale you are financially independent, you can retire or take on a new challenge.

  • Who could buy my business?

There are roughly four categories of buyers. Strategic Buyers who see your company as a nice addition, Investors who see potential in the growth of the company, Management Buy Out where the incumbent management buys into the company or Management Buy-In where people from outside the company buy in, 

  • How can I determine the value of my company?

Determining the value of your company – the valuation – and finding the perfect asking price is an important step in the sales process. A correct assessment prevents you from regretting later, whether you sell or not. The value does not exist, but there are various methods to estimate the value of your company. It is wise to ask an adviser for advice in determining the value.

  • What to do with staff when selling the company?

When you sell your company, the buyer automatically becomes the new employer of the employees. Compliance with the terms of employment remains your joint responsibility for another year. The employees themselves can decide not to want to work for the new employee and resign. 

  • How can you sell your business?

There are several ways to sell. You can choose to sell part of your business. In this way you do not immediately completely distance yourself from your company.