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How do you realize a Dream Exit for your company in the security sector?

However, success in this market is not easy. And there are many players, and before you know it, you are overtaken by one of the tech giants. They do not shy away from including all kinds of (security) functionalities as standard in their product suite.

This is how you value a security company

1. Uniqueness

The degree to which your business model is unique largely determines the value of your company. Uniqueness falls into two parts. First: how popular is your product with very specific target groups? Tech giants (and partly other competitors) are less interested in narrow so-called verticals (sectors) – certainly not if there is a strong player there.

Second, having a unique product is one thing, but the business model behind it is good. In other words: how well do you know how to monetize your uniqueness?

2. Focus

More broadly oriented security companies, which do a little bit of everything, often have a hard time. Their offer is generic, which makes them vulnerable to competition. Do you focus on a specific area of security? Put all your attention into that and make your company an expert in that area.

  1. Security is a must have. The market is huge.
  2. The competition is also enormous – not only from local and international medium to large players but also from Big Tech.
  3. Research and developmentcosts are high. On the one hand, this is a threat, because you have to earn back the high costs. On the other hand, R&D is the ideal means of erecting a defensive wall against competitors. Having and maintaining the lead is essential.
  4. Does the company know intellectual property (IP) really monetize? Does all innovation really lead to good products and turnover?
  5. Compliance risks are great. If, despite the efforts of your company, something goes wrong and, for example, a data breach occurs at a customer, then you as a security provider are the first to be looked at.
  6. Do you have a micro vertical-focus? With the enormous competition, a deep focus on a certain customer group is valuable.

Successful exit Business Forensics

Business Forensics has completed the full 4-Step Exit Program. After a short but intense period of reflection and the implementation of a number of improvements, we entered the market.

Read more about this case here

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