Go for a Dream Exit

How do you realize a Dream Exit for your manufacturing company in the PC hardware sector?

Your company probably operates in a highly competitive environment, with many providers of comparable products and therefore low margins. Low margins mean that volume is necessary to achieve a healthy business model. 

Alternative for volume:

On-demand specialization + seamlessly controlling software leads to a unique market position = higher margins

A high valuation is the most important thing for a Dream Exit. That is why we will help you on your way below with the most important points that potential buyers pay attention to.

This is how you value a PC hardware company

1. Presence and branding

As a hardware manufacturer, you have to be there for your customers when they need you. Much more than is the case with software, it is necessary to be physically close to your customers.

This means that you have a brand that stands out. It is important for your customers to know what they can expect from you.

2. Customer Satisfaction

That customers know what you can do with you is one thing, that they are really satisfied is quite another. How well does your hardware function? How well does the equipment withstand wear and tear? How easy is your product to work with?

For points 1 and 2 together, the better your product, the more loyal your customer is, and the higher the value of the company.

This is what a potential buyer looks at!

  1. Identity and branding. What kind of supplier are you? That largely determines your sales market.
  2. Is your company in a save ocean (a well-known market, with a lot of competition)?
  3. Or is your company extremely specialized?
  4. In a highly competitive market, but also as a hyper specialist, good marketing and strong sales are crucial when selling hardware.
  5. High customer satisfaction is very important.
  6. Finally, on-demand production opens up new possibilities.

Now that you know what potential buyers are looking at, our question to you is: are you ready to sell your business? What else is needed? Are you overlooking anything? For an answer to these and other questions make an appointment with us. Together we really prepare your company for a Dream Exit.

Successful exit Business Forensics

Business Forensics has completed the full 4-Step Exit Program. After a short but intense period of reflection and the implementation of a number of improvements, we entered the market.

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