Go for a Dream Exit

How do you realize a Dream Exit for your IT and consultancy services company?

Another important trend is that your customers are demanding more and more control over the process. They want to know where they stand. (And that's understandable. Because projects still often run late and are not delivered within budget.)

This is how you value an IT and consultancy services company

1. Staff retention

We already said it above: retaining staff is key. It is your employees who ultimately ensure turnover and satisfied customers.

2.Productizing Services

There is a way for consultancy firms and IT consultants to at least partly break free from working on a project basis (and thus the heavy dependence on staff).

If you own such a company, then you have a lot of knowledge. This knowledge can often be converted into a template, template or even portal. If you offer your customers a product that they can subscribe to, you have created a scalable product, with recurring revenues. Such recurring revenue is a big plus for a business valuation.

  1. do you win the war for talent? Companies that know how to retain their employees have more growth potential.
  2. How good are your processes and projections? Companies that deliver on time and within budget are popular with clients.
  3. Related to this: what are your branding and identity? What kind of supplier are you? That largely determines your sales market (and therefore also how big it is).
  4. The following applies to technology companies, and therefore also to technology consultancies: keep it simple. The simpler your service or product, the better it is to manage (for both customer and supplier) and the greater the market opportunities.
  5. Anyone who can convert knowledge into a scalable product will generate recurring revenues. They are a big plus for company valuation.
  6. A clear focus is good for the quality of service and in the battle with competitors.

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Successful exit Business Forensics

Business Forensics has completed the full 4-Step Exit Program. After a short but intense period of reflection and the implementation of a number of improvements, we entered the market.

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